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We introduce young children to exercise, sports, nutrition, safety,and healthy living.  Fit and Fun Kids encourages children to get up and move (and continue moving for life).  Through our exciting programs, they will not only move, but have a blast doing it!  Currently, we are scheduling Fit and Fun Sports Skills, Fit and Fun Fit Classes, and Fit and Fun Exer-Parties.
Fit Classes (Conditioning Class) are classes for all fitness and energy levels that will keep the kids moving, playing, and having fun.  They will develop motor skills, coordination, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and strength.  We will also introduce healthy habits, teamwork, listening skills, and routine.  The use of fun games, equipment, and friends will make this a class your kids love and benefit from.  Mostly we want to encourage them into a lifetime of fitness and wellness.
Sports Skills Class is designed to expose children (3-8) to multiple sports in a controlled setting.  Roughly, the first 30 minutes will focus on the players learning proper skill sets, and the last 15 minutes is "game time".  Although this is NOT a competitive league, we want to allow the kids to learn that their skill development is readying them for game play.  This is a perfect class for children who show interest in multiple sports and allows them to learn about and "feel them out" until they are ready for "league play".  It can also be used to help develop skills in addition to the leagues they may already be in.  We will have sports such as soccer, tee ball, basketball, and more.  
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 Class schedules, locations, registration and pricing are available for the summer.  Also, if you are interested in bringing Fit and Fun Kids to your school, playgroup, community or booking a party, please contact us.  

email or call 832-364-8676

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